We Invite You on a virtual tour “Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda”.

In our Dream Now, Travel Later series, we invite you to join us as we excite your senses and peak your desire for adventure.  Travel virtually with us through the lush green landscapes of Uganda.  Catch a glimpse of the tree-climbing lions, chimpanzees, hippos, elephants, bird species and other flora and fauna typically seen while on safari.  For the ultimate wildlife experience, trek the mountains and observe the daily rituals of one of our closest living relatives, the incredible Mountain Gorillas.

Immerse yourself in this incredible country in the comfort of your home as Bonnie Hinschberger from Broad Escapes, and Alfred Kamya from Uganda, transport you to the “Pearl of Africa”.

This event has now passed, please check back soon for the recording of our virtual tour.

We look forward to hosting you in Uganda.

Dream Now, Travel Later.