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January 2022

Where the Polar Bears Roam


Where the Polar Bears RoamBy Bonnie Hinschberger I recently travelled to Churchill on the edge of Hudson Bay.  I am always mesmerized by nature and particularly enjoy observing animals in their natural habitat.  With the uncertainty of borders being open for the 2021 bear season, I had a rare opportunity to secure [...]

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January 2021

Memories of Uganda


Memories of Uganda By Bonnie Hinschberger The last tour I escorted was to Uganda, “the Pearl of Africa”. At the time I didn’t anticipate a global pandemic and didn’t realize this journey would be the last I would lead for a while. However, if you’ve ever travelled with me, you’ll know I try [...]

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August 2020

It Takes a Village


It Takes a Village... In many parts of the world, the birth of a baby girl is considered a burden to the family, but one former village leader, Shyam Sundar Paliwal has transformed the birth of a baby girl into a celebration. After the loss of his daughter, he wanted to do something [...]

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April 2020

Exploring Zimbabwe


I tend to write about Africa a lot, partly because I feel so connected and incredibly fascinated with nature when I am there but also because I’ve been fortunate to travel to this incredible continent several times.  On my last visit, specifically to scout out new itineraries for future tours, I [...]

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March 2020

Coming Together in Times of Distancing


Coming Together in Times of Distancing  What the world needs now is for us all to come together while still respecting our social distancing.  I’ve always been an advocate of giving back to communities, both at home and when I travel.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to practice these genuine gestures of [...]

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Happy International Women’s Day – March 8th


Today is International Women's Day Today is International Women’s Day, a day to show respect, appreciation and love for all women and to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. It’s the perfect day to introduce to you an incredible, accomplished fellow Canadian, wh