Northern India – Designed by Women for Women

Travelling to India can be intimidating to even a seasoned traveller, especially if you’re female and travelling solo.   But not so with Broad Escapes – Tours for Women.

Wonderfully different, there’s nothing quite as extraordinary as India, and travelling with peace of mind is key to enjoying this captivating country.  That’s what Bonnie Hinschberger, co-founder of Broad Escapes – Tours for Women delivers on her tours. 

Every tour is meticulously designed, offering female-friendly opportunities for women to travel in a safe and welcoming environment, all while being immersed in local culture and fascinating history of the destination.

While travellers will visit the “must see” sites and ancient temples on the “Wonders of Northern India” tour, many of the highlights come from the unique connections with locals that are built into the itinerary along the way.  The journey starts in the bustling city of Delhi where the women will see the sites and be introduced to their first rickshaw ride through the narrow streets of Chandni Chowk Bazaar, then to the spice market wafting with exotic fragrances.  A cooking demonstration in the home of a local family, is a wonderful introduction to the culinary techniques of Indian food and an opportunity to converse with locals.

A visit to the sacred Ganges River in Varanasi, considered the holiest city by Hindus, will have the women experiencing both evening and morning rituals by private boat.  Other highlights include a morning yoga and meditation session on the banks of the Ganges, followed by a spiritual lecture from a Holy Man.

No visit to Northern India could be complete without a sunrise visit to the opulent Taj Mahal, but the heritage walk through the narrow lanes, visiting the spice market, shops and local artisans may be just as fascinating. Or, choose your own henna design and have your hands painted by a local henna artist, while she explains the history and importance of this Indian tradition.

The journey continues through Rajasthan to Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur.  Along the way, experiences are built into the itinerary to enhance the journey.  Schools and women’s co-operatives are supported by our visits and offer an opportunity for travellers to interact with the women and children.  One special visit is to a rural village where a birth of a baby girl is celebrated by planting 111 trees.  Here, our women will see how the lives of the villagers have changed by adopting this “first of its kind” policy within the village.

Throughout the tour, many of the famous Maharaja forts and palaces will be visited.  Time will also be spent in rural Rajasthan visiting small villages, meeting with local villagers and artisans and learning about lifestyles and traditions.  Camel riding at sunset and a few surprises along the way make this an extraordinary journey for all. 

Four and five star accommodations and some unique Heritage properties will ensure comfort throughout the trip.  Knowing there is a Broad Escapes tour leader and an experienced local guide to assist for the duration of the journey, means women can travel with peace of mind.

Immerse yourself into one of the world’s most culturally and spiritually fascinating places with the exclusive women only “Wonders of Northern India” tour through Broad Escapes!

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