By Bonnie Hinschberger – Co-Founder, Broad Escapes – Tours for Women

Some of my favourite travel photos are of the hands of people I have met.  I’m intrigued by hands and often reach out to my late father for guidance and inspiration by looking at a carving he made of his own hand. In the carving I see the strength of a hard-working man who had a creative talent and a gentle soul.  When I travel and language is a barrier, hands often tell the stories of the people I meet.  Universally a mother’s hand offers protection and unconditional love.  A friendly gesture with a hand sends a welcoming message to those around them.  Reaching out and touching a hand with a genuine handshake, can, in many countries, be one of the most gracious acts one can give to someone they just met.  

The hands of farmers supply the food and those who prepare it use their hands to create the culinary delights of their country.  Artisans use their hands, resourcefulness and traditions passed down from their ancestors to produce unique products specific to their county.  

It is the hands of the people that weave together the threads of their country, which make it unique and desirable to visit and explore.     

Here are some photos of hands I have captured along my journeys.


This self carved hand was never completed but it remains one of my most treasured items.   


I have wonderful memories of ths day when our group was visiting a Samburu tribe in Kenya.  The lady, unable to walk, was so excited to be able to visit with our group that she crawled from her hut to join our circle.  Here her grandson was welcomed with with a friendly and genuine handshake from one of our travellers.  It was a spectacular day! 


A visit to a country is never complete until you meet with the local artisans.  Here the women of a remote village in Peru welcomed us to their co-op and taught us the processes they use to make their beautiful textiles.