Coming Together in Times of Distancing 

What the world needs now is for us all to come together while still respecting our social distancing.  I’ve always been an advocate of giving back to communities, both at home and when I travel.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to practice these genuine gestures of caring.  People are struggling all over the world, our own communities included, and a random act of kindness may just be the thing that changes someone’s day or even their life.   

After a recent trip to Uganda I looked for a way to make a difference in the community and give back to those who faced daily struggles to provide for their family.  For all of us worldwide, having accessible drinking water is the lifeline to survival.  Here, we take it for granted – turn on a tap and choose between hot or cold.  But for millions of others, finding potable water is not that easy.  In Uganda, there are government assisted wells spread out around the country.  The distance between home and the well can often be several kilometers so gathering water can be a challenging daily task.  Women most often gather the water and having a functional container to transport this water is imperative.    

I’m so pleased and honoured to have been able to set up the distribution of 500 jerry cans to as many families in the rural communities in and around Bwindi, Uganda.  Knowing that with a little effort and determination, and the support of my partners Let’s Go Travel and Ride4AWoman, we have improved the lives of 500 women, gives me great gratitude and puts a smile on my face.   

Today is World Water Day and I commend those around the world who gather this necessary resource each and every day to provide for their loved ones.   

As we face the challenges of this unimaginable coronavirus, now is the time to come together (at a distance), support each other, assist the vulnerable, practice random acts of kindness, smile, and most important, be grateful for the things in your life that matter most.  Think of those women in Uganda walking for hours each day to gather water and take time to put life into perspective.  Together we will get through this.   


Bonnie Hinschberger,
Broad Escapes Co-founder