Be Inspired with Travel

By Bonnie Hinschberger – Co-Founder, Broad Escapes – Tours for Women

Part of what I love about travelling is being introduced to unique decorating ideas and culturally rich styles from around the globe.  I seem to gravitate to the bright colours of fabric or the brilliant hues of woven textiles.  My most treasured items are handmade, often with a remarkable story, and always with memories of genuine gratitude by the shop owner or artisan making the sale.

Our house is a little sanctuary of memories collected from around the world.  Daily, I find myself lured back to the shop or the street corner, where the purchase was made, and reliving the experience.  I’m often amazed at the similarities in styles when thousands of miles and oceans separate the cultures.

It’s not only the purchases made but the decorating ideas one gains while travelling.  On a recent trip to India the hotel we were staying was setting up for a large wedding.  The decorating was lavish.  Among the trimmings were brightly coloured fabric, hundreds of strands of marigold flowers, upside down umbrellas and more.  It felt like we had just walked into a movie set for the next scene of “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.  What I came away with though, was an inspiration of a decorating idea for our home.  With this impression in mind I returned to create an Indian inspired pergola, complete with strands of flowers and brightly coloured fabric.   Not only did I create a comfortable oasis for reading, meditating or sipping a glass of wine, I also created a memory of the wonderful days spent in India, which I am reminded of every time I peer into our backyard.

Our travel inspired home brings joy to my days and fond memories of the people I have met through travelling.  While every trip inevitably comes to an end, the memories and the experiences gained from each journey will last a lifetime.  Enriching one’s life through travel is really what travelling is all about and my travel inspired purchases continue to enrich my life every day.

Happy Travels

-Bonnie, Co-Founder, Broad Escapes: Tours for Women